Jess Butler Acupuncture

“Jess Butler is not only a capable practitioner but also a very gifted one. She has a natural way of immediately putting you at ease, allowing you to relax fully and receive a wonderful treatment every time. She is thoroughly trained in both traditional and non-traditional treatment styles as well as energetic healing modalities – making her an extremely dynamic acupuncturist. But her compassion and commitment to achieving results makes her a true healer. I trust Jess Butler implicitly with my health and well-being and I highly recommend her as a practitioner.”  J.S.


“Jess Butler is a gifted healer.  I have been treated by Jess during a few difficult times in my life, and her treatments addressed what was happening for me both physically and emotionally. The relief she offers at such moments helps you shift course and be able to move toward wellness.  Jess is extremely down-to-earth and grounded.  She demystified acupuncture for me so I could get the most out of my treatment.  She is an exceptional listener and very thorough; it’s rare that I’ve ever felt heard when trying to get health care.  I have and will continue to  recommend Jess–all my friends who have gone to see her have been happy with their treatment!” M.H.


“The acupuncture treatments I have received from Jessica have worked better for my ongoing medical issues than any other doctor, medicine, or treatments I have had in the past. I feel better consistently and I am more aware of the causes to my problems and how I can take steps to prevent further damage to my body and encourage healing on a regular basis. I would strongly recommend Jessica Butler to anyone and especially people who have tried almost everything and haven’t gotten results for their ongoing pains and illnesses.” R.F.