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De-Stress with Acupuncture and Qigong

In both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, stress is presenting itself as an important (sometimes annoying) player in how our bodies operate. Whether stress manifests in your digestion, muscle tension, sleeping patterns, pain or any other way, acupuncture can help. The beauty of acupuncture is it supports your body by stimulating specific points to process […]

Acupuncture: Soothing the angry snow person in us all!

A fun little image to help the angry snow person in our lives. A little acupuncture can go a long way!  


Snowy Time Acupuncture

Snow. Who would have thought that a little snow (or a tremendous amount in the Boston area) could create its own set of symptoms?! People all over the city are complaining about achy bodies, angry attitudes, lowered immunity and all around boredom with a dash of serious desperation! Although snow is, well, just snow, it […]

Pain relief concept.

Acupuncture for Pain

Pain is a real, well…pain. It prevents us from living a carefree life. When in pain, you may find everyday activities requiring a lot more energy and patience. Going to the store may seem like an incredibly difficult task. Getting out of bed may seem overwhelming. However pain affects you, acupuncture can help. In Chinese […]


A Couple of Needles to Keep the Symptoms Away

Acupuncture can seem far fetched to most people. The idea of sticking needles into the body, no matter how tiny and pain free they may be, can seem scary and useless. How can acupuncture help, you may ask? Here’s a brief explanation from both a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and from recent Western Medical research. […]


Acupuncture Holiday Specials!

Everyone knows that the holidays can create a lot of stress. What better way to ease yourself through the many obstacles of holiday (and regular old non-holiday) life with some self care? Acupuncture can support you in navigating through the tough times. A recent study showed acupuncture prevented stress hormone spikes which decreased the overall […]


Stress is a real pain in the neck!

Everyone has had one of those pain in the neck days, weeks, months or even years where the stress level is extremely high. Life is hectic: family issues pop up, you or your community may be experiencing hardships or you keep getting that pesky cold! Whatever the stressor, life can be a strenuous exercise in […]

Inspirational stones

Exercise of Healing

Most of us have been in a place where an injury, a random pain, a chronic condition or just plain ole life has us wondering- what can I do differently to relieve  (insert symptom)? How can I change XYZ? For me, that came when my migraines became very debilitating.  I no longer was receiving any […]